Brabus Zero Emission (Tesla)

Brabus je malo čudan u zadnje vrijeme, jer neke prerade skoro da se jedva mogu zvati preradama ili tuningom. ...

... Ovo je slici je Zero Emission ili prerađeni Model S P85D. Nisu dirali pogonski postroj, ali su se pozabavili izgledom. Felge su od 21 inč, a unutra je koža/Alantara, ...... kako god 772 KS upakovane ovako ili onako su ipak glavni užitak u svemu. Ovo je potrebno samo ako neko želi da plati da bude drugačiji od drugih!

World premiere at the IAA 2015

New from BRABUS ZERO EMISSION: exclusive high-end refinement for the Tesla Model S

The Tesla S, which in the top-of-the-range model produces an output of 568 kW / 772 HP (761 bhp) in "Ludicrous Mode," is the textbook example of a state-of-the-art high-performance electric car. BRABUS and its Zero Emission business division have been concentrating on alternative powertrains for about a decade. It is only logical then to invest the BRABUS expertise from more than 35 years in automotive construction and tuning at the highest level in a high-end refinement program for Tesla Model S.

BRABUS dcelebrates the world premiere of the Tesla S customized by BRABUS ZERO EMISSION at the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt am Main.

In a first step, BRABUS ZERO EMISSION will offer exclusive refinement options for the bodywork and the interior of Model S. The product lineup ranges from sporty aerodynamic-enhancement components made from clear-coated carbon and 21-inch high-tech forged wheels to a BRABUS fine leather interior created from the finest leather and Alcantara.

One of the world-renowned specialties of the BRABUS design team is adding more sporty emphasis to elegant vehicle designs. This formula was also realized successfully in the case of the Tesla Model S. Tailor-made aerodynamic-enhancement components that received their finishing touches in the wind tunnel were developed using state-of-the-art 3D scanning and CAD technology. Just as in motor racing, the material of choice is carbon, permanently sealed with a high-gloss or a matte protective coating.

The BRABUS bodywork components lend the front end of the Tesla Model S a sporty facelift. The carbon attachments for the side air intakes give the car an even more distinctive appearance and optimize the flow of cooling air to the radiators. The BRABUS carbon spoiler lip adds even more dynamics to the front view while also reducing lift on the front axle at high speeds thanks to its sophisticated shape.

The insert in the production rear bumper of the Tesla Model S is replaced with the BRABUS carbon diffuser. This aerodynamic-enhancement component impresses with its optimized air deflection while its visible carbon structure lends the sedan's rear end a touch of racing flair as well.

Of course, the BRABUS Monoblock Y "PLATINUM EDITION" forged wheels tailor-made for the Tesla Model S also play a crucial role in the exclusive BRABUS ZERO EMISSION appearance. The one-piece high-tech wheels with delicate Y-shaped spokes are manufactured using a state-of-the-art production process and offer an outstanding combination of lightweight construction and strength. The rims of size 9Jx21 at all four corners make optimal use of the available space under the wheel arches. Tires of sizes 255/35 R 21 at the front and 265/35 R 21 on the rear axle were selected as the perfect rubber. BRABUS technology partners Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA supply the optimal high-performance tires.

The BRABUS customization program for the Tesla Model S also includes exclusive options for the interior. The product range starts with stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo that changes color from white to blue. The newly developed BRABUS center console for the transmission tunnel offers welcome storage options for keys and similar items. What is more: The integrated cup holders can be set to cooling or heating. In addition, the center console is equipped with a wireless smartphone charger.

Exclusive interior refinement has been a world-renowned BRABUS domain for decades. In the company upholstery shop, absolute masters of their profession create exclusive interior appointments for the Tesla Model S as well. They use especially soft, breathable and extremely hardwearing leather and Alcantara in any desired color to create BRABUS fine leather interiors in a wide range of designs. BRABUS ZERO EMISSION also offers tailor-made genuine carbon and wood trims sets for the cockpit of the electric luxury sedan. These trim sets also come in an unmatched variety of colors and surface finishes.

The BRABUS ZERO EMISSION customization program for the Tesla Model S is available now and will be expanded continuously.


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