Crash testovi automobila
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 VIDEO    IIHS je američki pandan evropskom institutu za provjeru sigurnosti vozila Euro NCAP-u, a kod testa modela RAV4 nisu oduševljeni rezultatima koje je automobil postigao kod testa koji je, kako kaže IIHS, uobičajniji u stvarnim uslovima od onih na koje Euro NCAP testira automobile, a to je kada automobil samo dijelom prednjeg kraja udari u čvrstu prepreku. Lutka koja simulira osobu u automobilu, nije bila zadržana zračnim jastukom, lijevo stopalo je zaglavljeno u deformisani metal, a lutka je glavom udarila u instrument tablu. Toyota RAV4 ima generalno dobre ocjene zahvaljujući ocjenama kod osta četiri testa ove institucije. A da i ovaj test na kojem je Toyota pala može biti uspješno savladan...

pokazali su Subaru Forester i Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

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ARLINGTON, Va., July 11, 2013 - The 2013 Toyota RAV4, a small SUV, earns a poor rating for performance in the IIHS small overlap front crash test.

Toyota redesigned the RAV4 for the 2013 model year. The automaker made additional changes to models built after April to better control the stability of the steering column and to provide extra padding under the footwell carpeting.

The changes, however, weren't enough to lift the RAV4's performance in the small overlap test. A combination of poor structure and inadequate control of the dummy's movement prevented the RAV4 from earning better than a poor rating overall.

The driver's space was seriously compromised by intruding structure, and the dummy's left foot was trapped by crushed and buckled sheet metal in the footwell. Injury measures on the dummy indicated a high risk of injury to the lower left leg. The dummy's head barely contacted the frontal airbag before sliding off the left side as the steering column moved more than 7 inches to the right, resulting in little airbag cushioning for the chest. Additionally, the safety belt allowed excessive forward movement of the dummy's head and torso, contributing to the head hitting the instrument panel.

IIHS in May released results for 13 other small SUVs but delayed testing the RAV4 because Toyota was making changes to the redesigned model. If design changes are imminent, the Institute delays tests to ensure that IIHS ratings don't soon become obsolete. The practice also encourages automakers to improve designs more quickly.

In the earlier tests of small SUVs, only the Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport earned a good or acceptable rating for occupant protection in a small overlap crash and qualified for the IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ designation. Eleven other small SUVs are rated marginal or poor (see full ratings here).

"This is a challenging test," says Institute President Adrian Lund. "Most manufacturers are going to need to make significant changes to their vehicles in order to improve protection in these kinds of serious frontal crashes."

The Institute added the small overlap test to its lineup of vehicle safety evaluations last year. It replicates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle strikes another vehicle or an object like a tree or a utility pole. In the test, 25 percent of a vehicle's front end on the driver side strikes a 5-foot-tall rigid barrier at 40 mph. A 50th percentile male Hybrid III dummy is belted in the driver seat.

The 2013 RAV4 previously earned the TOP SAFETY PICK award for good ratings in the Institute's four other tests - moderate overlap front, side, rollover and rear.