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Volvo će ponudu obogatiti 450 KS jakim motorom

Pošto je u ponavljanju modela već odmakao, Volvo bi se mogao posvetiti i svojem odjelu ...

... za modele koji se mogu hvaliti performansama. Tako neki mediji špekulišu sa četverocilindrašima od 450 KS, a prvi model u koji bi bio ugrađivan je S60 Polestar.

"There is always some room for play. Using the Polestar brand could be a good idea", said design director Thomas Ingenlath when asked about that engine.

The firm's official was joined by powertrain manager, Olle Fast, who stated that the 450hp unit is viable for a production car: "It's one way of Volvo saying that the current powertrain line-up has potential to grow." Electric motors might be on the menu for the new 90 range and the upcoming 60 series as the SPA platform, which underpins these vehicles, was built to accommodate electrification from the start.

Nothing is official yet, but the firm's Research and Development chief, Peter Mertens, hinted on possible hybrid-powered Polestar models last December.